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Did you know that residential yard waste accounts for over 20% of what is sent to landfills in L.A. County. It is estimated that grass clippings make up about half of all yard trimmings over the course of a year. Yard trimmings are valuable resources that can be reused in your own backyard for composting and grass recycling. Practicing the techniques of smart gardening will enable you to conserve water and energy, save money, and help protect the environment. Smart gardening practices are simple, not time consuming and can help you develop healthy and beautiful lawns and gardens to enjoy. Keep these simple tips in mind the next time you work on your garden:

  • Practice worm composting. Worm composting is one of the easiest methods for reusing vegetable scraps from your kitchen and yard. Worm composting requires very little work, produce no offensive odors, and helps plants thrive. All you need is bins, moist bedding, worms and food scraps.
  • Recycle your grass clippings. Grass recycling is a simple and natural approach to lawn care. Grass clippings are left on the lawn after mowing to decompose quickly. This releases valuable nutrients back into the soil.
  • Water your lawn early in the morning so water has time to soak into the soil before the heat of the sun causes evaporation.
  • Apply small amounts of fertilizers on a regular basis. This is more effective than applying larger amounts less often.
  • Prune your plants naturally. Try not to force plants to grow into unnatural shapes. Its hard on the plant and generates more green waste that you will need to compost for mulch.
  • Give plants only as much water as they need. Use efficient watering methods such as drip systems and soaker hoses that deliver the water closer to the plant's roots.

CHINO BASIN WATER CONSERVATION DISTRICT Teachers and parents, are you in search of a cool fun place to take your kids? Visit the demonstration garden at the Chino Basin Water Conservation District. They are conveniently located in Montclair at 4594 San Bernardino Street. Kids will have a blast visiting the beautiful facilities while at the same time learning more about water conservation. They have beautiful gardens, worm composting, and offer special classes and events. For more information visit their site at


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