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La Verne Local Funding Measure

Protecting Quality of Life in La Verne and Keeping Tax Dollars Local

The City of La Verne consistently ranks among the best places to live, raise a family and retire. Safe neighborhoods, community parks and quality local schools make La Verne a desirable community, which creates demand for local homes and keeps property values strong. To help preserve our outstanding quality of life, the La Verne City Council is currently considering options to maximize funding for our local community to protect and improve essential public services.

Locally Supported Police, Fire and Paramedic Services

La Verne is a full-service community providing a range of services from public safety to community services, which means our police officers, firefighters and paramedics are available when we need them. Fast emergency response to 911 calls saves lives. 

In addition to maintaining public safety and other essential services, keeping our city streets, parks and other public areas safe and clean is also important for protecting our quality of life and property values.

Responsible Budgeting for a Better Future

Over the past decade, the City of La Verne’s revenues have not kept pace with rising costs required to maintain city services and facilities. The City has been proactive in responding to this challenge by reducing costs wherever feasible without impacting services. Details about our Fiscal Sustainability Plan and more information about our budget can be found on the Resources sidebar on the right.

Strengthening the City Budget to Maintain Vital City Services and Infrastructure

Existing city revenues will not support the quality and level of service that residents have come to expect, despite budget efficiency measures already in place. For example, to attract and retain the best police officers and firefighters, La Verne has historically maintained a policy of compensating public safety staff at the levels competitive with comparable cities. Without additional revenue, this policy will no longer be possible, and La Verne will either have to reduce service levels or lose police officers and firefighters to neighboring communities that offer better pay.

Keeping La Verne Tax Dollars Local to Protect and Improve Local Services

Currently, nearly all sales tax revenue generated in La Verne goes to the State or L.A. County. To protect and improve the quality of essential city services and infrastructure and to keep more of our local sales tax dollars here in La Verne, the City Council has unanimously supported consideration of a local funding measure on the ballot in the March 2020 election. If approved by La Verne voters, the measure would authorize a ¾ cent sales tax, generating approximately $3.1 million annually, with 100% of this revenue staying in La Verne to:

  • Attract and retain high-quality police officers, 911 dispatchers and firefighter/paramedics to maintain rapid emergency response
  • Maintain and enhance police services, including neighborhood police patrols and investigations
  • Maintain and improve local streets and sidewalks, repair potholes and keep public areas clean and free of graffiti
  • Prevent gang activity and drug related crimes
  • Maintain and improve parks and recreation facilities, including courts, fields, pools and playgrounds

Mandatory Fiscal Accountability

The proposed local funding measure would require a clear system of accountability, including an independent Citizen’s Oversight Committee to ensure funds are spent as promised per approved spending guidelines and annual independent audits. No funds could be taken by the State, the County or other cities. Food, medicine and other essential purchases are exempt from sales tax.

We welcome your input. As the City finalizes a local funding proposal, the public is invited to share opinions and priorities to help shape the final proposal. To provide your input or ask questions, please contact the City Manager’s office at (909) 596-8725 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..