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New Housing Options Coming to La Verne, Benefiting Those Who Live and Work There

October 20, 2021

La Verne, CA – The La Verne City Council officially greenlighted construction for two Brandywine Homes development projects, which will provide those who live, work and play in La Verne with new and affordable housing options that will complement the city’s current housing stock. This two-part development project will add a total of 58 units to La Verne. Additionally, these projects will enhance existing surroundings through new streetscape features and further the vision of the City’s General Plan of creating walkable neighborhoods.

“These housing projects directly help to address the housing crisis here in Los Angeles County, especially since one of the two sites is dedicated entirely to affordable housing options,” said La Verne Mayor Tim Hepburn. “This, in turn, provides more opportunities for individuals who grew up in and love La Verne to plant their own roots here and even start their own families in our beautiful town.”


The first site is located at 3717 Fruit Street, a former 2.25-acre commercial property, where 50 interlocking three-story townhomes will be constructed featuring Spanish and Mediterranean architecture design. Those who reside at this location will be within walking distance of many shopping opportunities and enjoy new landscaping and the convenience of an attached two-car garage plus on-site guest parking.


The second project will be located at 1874, 1876 and 1878 Walnut Street, which is currently a 0.7-acre empty dirt lot. Here eight affordable, single-family, two-story homes will be built. Each dwelling will encompass craftsman, Spanish and Mediterranean design features and include a private front and rear yard, as well as an attached two-car garage. Residents at this location will also enjoy some guest parking and convenient access to Lordsburg Park on the other side of Live Oak Wash.

While affordable housing projects can often become a financial burden on local jurisdiction budgets, often costing in the millions of dollars, the City of La Verne’s partnership with Brandywine Homes alleviates the City of such burdens. In exchange for the property on Walnut Street, Brandywine Homes has taken on the full cost of the design and construction of all eight affordable single-family units.

After two virtual neighborhood workshops were held in May 2021, environmental review of the Brandywine Homes projects was completed. There were a number of potential environmental impacts evaluated as part of the overall project development and design process—including aesthetics, air quality, utilities, noise and traffic—and the ultimate finding was that there would be no significant environmental impacts as a result. With this in mind, staff, the La Verne Development Review Committee and the La Verne Planning Commission all recommend that the City Council conditionally approve both projects.

With the Council’s approval of the Brandywine Homes projects at their October 18 meeting, the developer is now preparing to begin work. The construction schedule and associated activities are now entirely up to Brandywine Homes, though it is anticipated residents may start seeing activity at the sites as early as Spring 2022.

Under the 2021-2029 Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) set by the State, La Verne must ensure that land within the City is available and zoned appropriately for the construction of 1,343 units, of which 48.5% must be dedicated to affordable households. Therefore, while the City plans to accommodate as much of its RHNA requirements as possible within their Old Town La Verne Specific Plan, projects such as the Brandywine Homes sites that repurpose industrial or empty lots contribute to achieving the City’s overall housing needs.


Contact: Eric Scherer, Community Development

Telephone: (909) 596-8706

10.20.21 Brandywine Homes Development Projects News Release