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The City of La Verne along with the La Verne Chamber of Commerce are excited to announce a new partnership with CGI Communications to create a series of professionally produced online videos to highlight everything our community offers residents, visitors, and business owners.

Production will occur in the coming months and is expected to be completed before the end of summer.

View the letter to business owners:  pdf CGI Letter To Businesses (47 KB)

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Who is CGI, Communications?

CGI, Communications has created over 200,000 professionally produced videos in over 3700 communities.  These videos have been known to help cities and businesses that plant their roots within, stand apart, bring in new residents, and have a positive impact to the people who live there.

What is the community video program?

This program is a partnership between CGI Communications, the City of La Verne and the La Verne Chamber of Commerce in the form of a series of videos that will be on our website. These videos will represent La Verne and show off what we have to offer residents and businesses considering moving to the area.

Is the community paying for this?

No. This program is completely cost-free for La Verne, and zero taxpayer dollars will be involved. CGI, Communications earns money based on the work done for businesses in the community and their sponsorship of the program. However, the program itself is not dependent on sponsorships. Regardless of the number of sponsors, the videos will remain on the La Verne website throughout the remainder of the agreement.

Did La Verne hire CGI?

We are working in partnership with CGI on this program through a cost-free, signed agreement. CGI is endorsed by the U.S. Conference of Mayors and the National League of Cities which has extended their reach to communities just like us all across the country.

How is La Verne benefiting?

La Verne is utilizing this as a marketing tool. We are not getting any kind of monetary incentive from the program. Think about it this way, just like businesses are in competition with each other, so are cities. We know that in order to put our best foot forward and get people to visit or move to our town we need to provide relevant info in a way people want to learn, and these videos are a great tool to deliver that information.

How is La Verne going to use the videos?

This is a new way La Verne will be disseminating information about the community. Someone calls La Verne looking for relocation information and we can direct them to the website where they can watch the videos immediately.


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