How do I apply?

Fill out the Inmate Worker Application (PDF) online then, email or print it out and mail it to:
La Verne Police Department
Attention: Jail Manager
2061 3rd Street
La Verne, CA 91750

If your application meets our qualifying criteria, you will be contacted and we'll schedule a start date to serve your sentence.

If you have any questions, contact the Jail Manager by phone at 909-596-1913 or email.

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1. What is the Inmate Worker Program?
2. How can I serve my time?
3. What does it cost?
4. Will I be housed with other prisoners?
5. Can I bring prescription medications?
6. What property may I bring with me?
7. What do I need the first day?
8. May I have visitors?
9. Where are we located?
10. Is parking available?
11. What is "Good Time / Work Time"?
12. How can I serve my time at the La Verne Jail?
13. How do I apply?