Will I be housed with other prisoners?

"Fee Paying-Inmate Workers" are housed separate from all other inmates and will have minimal contact with the regular inmate population, during meal service. Inmate Workers are required by law to work outside of their cells for a minimum of 4 hours each day. As a result, you will assist with minor chores such as food preparation, light cleaning, laundry, trash removal, etc. Subjects who are unwilling or unable to follow directions will be dismissed from the program.

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1. What is the Inmate Worker Program?
2. How can I serve my time?
3. What does it cost?
4. Will I be housed with other prisoners?
5. Can I bring prescription medications?
6. What property may I bring with me?
7. What do I need the first day?
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9. Where are we located?
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11. What is "Good Time / Work Time"?
12. How can I serve my time at the La Verne Jail?
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