What is the Inmate Worker Program?

The "Pay-to-Stay Inmate Worker" program offers an alternative to serving time in the county jail. Men can serve time when sentenced to jail due to a criminal conviction.

You will be accepted into the program based on an assessment of the offense committed, prior criminal history, and the needs of the program at the time. Subjects with a history of violent behavior will not be admitted to this program.

With the approval of the sentencing court, your time can be served in the modern, safe, clean, and secure environment of the La Verne Police Department.

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1. What is the Inmate Worker Program?
2. How can I serve my time?
3. What does it cost?
4. Will I be housed with other prisoners?
5. Can I bring prescription medications?
6. What property may I bring with me?
7. What do I need the first day?
8. May I have visitors?
9. Where are we located?
10. Is parking available?
11. What is "Good Time / Work Time"?
12. How can I serve my time at the La Verne Jail?
13. How do I apply?