The City of La Verne recognizes the need for active legislative engagement at the local, state and federal levels to protect and enhance the interests of the City of La Verne's residents and businesses.

2024 Legislative Platform

The 2024 Legislative Platform was approved at the January 16, 2024, City Council Meeting. The Legislative Platform outlines the City Council's various positions on legislative matters and serves as the foundation for the City to support or oppose local, state and federal legislation. This platform seeks to not only secure critical resources for our City, but also outlines policy statements that will allow City staff to more effectively respond to and influence legislation at the local, state and federal level. This platform is meant to be an evolving document that will be amended year to year by City Council with collaboration from community input. By implementing, maintaining, and tracking an active legislative platform, the City can ensure that the City Council and staff will be fully apprised of evolving state initiatives that may affect the City's key priorities, programs, and operations.

To further allow resident input and collaboration on the development of the Legislative Platform, the City Council continued the discussion to the December 18 City Council Meeting. Below is an FAQ along with an opportunity for residents to submit feedback or questions regarding the Legislative Platform.  

View the 2024 Legislative Platform by clicking here.

Click here to review the Frequently Asked Questions document which covers the role the influence the legislature has over local governments, why a legislative platform is developed, how it will be implemented, and much more! 

For further questions, please contact the City Clerk's Office by calling (909) 596-8726 or by emailing cityclerk@cityoflaverne.org