Certificate of Recognition and Proclamation Request

The La Verne City Council actively seeks to recognize noteworthy contributions and achievements of individuals and organizations that directly benefit the community.

It should be noted that while the City aims to honor all requests received, the City retains the right to determine if a request will be honored, if a certificate or proclamation will be issued, and the content that will be included. 

It is our general policy to only issue certificates and proclamations that have a direct tie to La Verne. Proclamations are official public announcements or declarations given by the Mayor and/or Council to formally recognize a special event, day, week, or month in awareness of a cause that is deemed to be of interest and/or benefit to a significant number of citizens in the City of La Verne. A certificate of recognition is an honorary document highlighting an individual or entity for actions that exemplify the "Pride of La Verne" and have local relevance and/or promote activities taking place in the City of La Verne. Certificates of Recognition do not require adoption at a City Council Meeting.

Given the volume of requests received, requests must be received 30 days in advance of the date needed. For additional information, please refer to the City of La Verne's Proclamation and Certificate of Recognition Policy

For questions, please contact the City Clerk's Office at 909-596-8726. 

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