History of La Verne Mayors

Mayors have played a key leadership role in developing the City of La Verne into the community we all enjoy today. Additionally, the mayor represents the City at public events and meets with regional agencies and organizations. The mayor and council members are responsible for the general welfare of the community. Below is a list of those who have served as mayor for the City of La Verne. 

Mayor Years Served
M.J. Shaul Before 1915* to April 1916
A.J. Morrison April 1916 to September 1916
C.C. Huff September 1916 to May 1918
T.J. Steves May 1918 to August 1921
Arthur Durward August 1921 to April 1938
E.R. Blickenstaff April 1938 to April 1942
T.J. Steves April 1942 to April 1946
John C. Price April 1946 to April 1952
Oliver M. Butterfield April 1952 to December 1955
Byrl D. Harper January 1956 to April 1956
Owen Lewis April 1956 to April 1960
J. Jack Melhorn April 1960 to July 1965
Frank R. Johnson July 1965 to April 1968
Elvis E. Swindle April 1968 to April 1970
Frank R. Johnson April 1970 to April 1972
Mike M. Morales** April 1972 to March 1978
Frank R. Johnson March 1978 to April 1982
Jon Blickenstaff April 1982 to April 2009
Don Kendrick April 2009 to April 2020
Tim Hepburn April 2020 to Present

*Historical records older than 1915 are based on secondary sources and could not be verified. Mayors were originally called the President or Chairman of the Board of Trustees until 1927 when they were given the title of Mayor. 

**Mayors were selected amongst the Council Members until 1972 when residents voted to start electing the Mayor at-large. In July of 2021, Council unanimously adopted Reso No. 21-47 which approved the move from at-large elections to a by-district election in furtherance of the purposes of the California Voting Rights Act. As part of Reso No. 21-47, the position of Mayor reverted to being selected amongst the Council Members.