Residential Solar Building Permit

INSTRUCTIONS: For Roof-Mounted Residential Photovoltaic Power Systems

  •     Incomplete or unreadable drawings or calculations will not be accepted
  •     Plans and application packet can be delivered to the Building Department located at 3660 D Street, La Verne, CA 91750


  1. Obtain Planning Department approval for the location of the equipment. Provide Planning Department approval stamp on the site plan.
  2. Submit a complete site plan. Show property lines, lot dimensions, side yards, existing buildings, distances between adjacent buildings, public right of way, location of photovoltaic panels and equipment. Obtain Planning approval prior to submittal to building division. CBC 2022 Code Section 107.1.
  3. At submittal, provide (2) sets of plans minimum 11”x17”, attach all manufacturer’s specification sheets, installation instructions, and listings. 
  4. At submittal, provide electrical single-line diagram clearly identifying all devices installed in the PV system and indicating total kVA rating of system.  
  5. On the title sheet of plans, show the name and address of the owner and designer, site address, and list all consultants associated with the project.
  6. Provide the following notes on the plans:
    1. “All work shall comply with 2022 California Building Code, 2022 California Electrical Code, Article 690, and all manufacturer’s listings and installation instructions.”
    2. “The following inspections will be required: (1) Inspection required for roof connection mounting assemblies prior to installation of solar module.”
    3. “Contractor to provide ladder for access for inspection roof-mounted system. Note that crack or broken roof tiles will cause failed final inspection.”
    4.  “No roof-mounted solar arrays panels shall be installed over any ventilation venting.
  7. Plans are to be signed by a California licensed contractor classification C-46 or C-10. Provide signature and license number on each sheet. Contractor who signs the document must be the one doing the work, Business and Professions Code Section 7031.5.
  8. Structural plans and calculations shall be stamped and signed by state licensed engineer or architect when system exceeds 5 pounds per square foot.

Solar Guidelines for Residential Photovoltaic Power Systems (PDF)

Application for Residential Solar Building Permit (PDF)