Districting FAQs

With several resident requests and nearby jurisdictions facing legal challenges based on their at-large election systems over the years, the La Verne City Council consulted with Doug Johnson, the President of the National Demographics Corporation, regarding the City’s election system options in December 2020. The Council determined it prudent to initiate the districting process to prevent any costly potential legal challenges.* 

*In addition to the cost of districting, cities served with demand letters mandating they enact districts have been required to pay between $30,000 to over $1 million.

At the July 2021 meeting, the Council unanimously adopted Resolution No. 21-47 which, among other things, determined that it:

  • Is in the best interest of the City to move from its current at-large electoral system to a by-district election for all five members of the City Council pursuant to California Government Code section 34886 and in furtherance of the purposes of the California Voting Rights Act; and
  • Begin by working with an experienced demographer to assist the City in establishing maps for a by-district electoral system.

During the process, the City created an independent webpage to house all districting-related information including the hearing schedule, press releases, mapping tools and more. Visit MapLaVerne.org for more information.