Refuse/Waste Management

Refuse and Recycling Services

Waste Management Inc. is La Verne’s waste hauler.  Waste Management handles the City’s trash services including: refuse pick-up, green waste collection, recycling and organics.  Refuse, recycling and green waste bins are picked up every Monday in La Verne.  

Residents who have questions or complaints regarding their trash services should contact the Customer Service Division at 909-596-8744 or Waste Management at 909-599-1274.  

For information on Residential & Commercial  Services visit the City of La Verne Waste Management website. 

Waste Management Holiday Schedule 2022

La Verne’s Automated Refuse and Recycling Program

Residents are given three different containers for their disposal and recycling needs.  The following is a quick reminder as to what kinds of materials belong in each container.  

The BLACK cart is for REFUSE

All materials must fit inside of the container.  Extra bags, boxes or cans of trash left on the curb will no longer be accepted.


Accepted:   Grass clippings, leaves, brush, shrubbery pruning, sawdust, tree trimmings, tree limbs (maximum 4” diameter)

Not Accepted:   Palm tree parts, palm fronds, cactus and other succulents, dirt and rocks, plastic or paper bags, and animal manure.  

The GRAY cart is for RECYCLING

Accepted:   Aluminum and steel cans, all colors of glass bottles and jars, any plastic containers labeled #1 through #7, newspapers, junk mail, white ledger paper, corrugated cardboard, magazines, colored and construction paper, cereal boxes (with liners removed), telephone books. 

Not Accepted:   Aluminum foil, scrap metal, windows or safety glass, mirrors, light bulbs, Styrofoam, wax paper, ceramics, drinking glasses, plastic wrap, food waste, packaging materials

Bulky Items

If you have been clearing out the garage or want to discard an old appliance, schedule a bulky item pick-up by calling Waste Management at (909) 599-1274.  Residents are limited to four (4) bulky item pick-ups annually at no additional cost. 

Customer Service Office

The Customer Service Office handles the customer service and billing for La Verne’s water, trash, sewer and paramedics service. The Customer Service Office may be contacted at (909) 596-8744.  Office hours are Monday-Thursday, 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.  

Residential Waste & Recycling Guides