Beverage Container Recycling

Problems With Beverage Containers

In California, 2.8 million plastic water bottles are going to our landfills every day. With the growing popularity of water bottles in this health-conscious society, it has become a massive problem. Aluminum cans are just as big of a problem. Overall there are 6 billion beverage containers that are not recycled each year. When these bottles and cans are not recycled they have a detrimental impact on the environment.

Grant from California Department of Conservation

As part of an ongoing statewide effort to maximize beverage container recycling by consumers, the state Department of Conservation, Division of Recycling has awarded a grant to the City of La Verne. Through this grant, the City of La Verne has initiated an aggressive public outreach and education program.

The City also purchases various kinds of equipment made from recycled plastic to help the environment and to close the loop of recyclable products. La Verne residents can recycle through the city curbside program or drop off recyclables at the Alpine Center at:
2363 1st Street
La Verne, CA 91750

There is also a convenient recycling center located behind the Vons Shopping Center at Wheeler Avenue and Foothill Boulevard.

Recycled Product Uses

Picnic Tables

There are 18 picnic tables made from recycled materials located in Las Flores Park. These tables replace wood tables cutting down on splinters and maintenance. The new tables are a popular addition to the park for their attractive appearance and comfortable structure.

Cribbing (Plastic Beams)

The City of La Verne Fire Department uses cribbing, which are plastic beams, to support unstable structures during rescues. Recycled product helps to keep people from further injury and to save lives. The plastic can also be sterilized and reused whereas the old wood beams had to be disposed.

Wheel Stops

Instead of concrete wheel stops, La Verne has numerous plastic wheel stops located in parking lots such as the one behind the old hardware store. The plastic stops work just as well as concrete ones and help to utilize environmentally friendly practices.

Plastic 4 by 4s

Plastic 4 by 4s are used by the La Verne Public Works Department to keep sediments and other debris from the City Yard storm drain. The 4 by 4s are also replacing wood borders previously used to set concrete.