In-Home Business

In-home businesses are required to obtain a Home Occupation Permit (PDF)(H.O.P.) in addition to the business license.  The H.O.P. is processed through the Community Development Department and has a processing time of 30 days.  Applications for the H.O.P. are available through the internet, by contacting the Business Licensing Department at (909)596-8722, or you may pick one up at the Finance counter at City Hall.


There is a $50.00 one-time fee to obtain a permit to operate your business out of your home.  The permit will be valid as long as the business license is renewed each year.  If either the address or the type of business changes, the H.O.P. permit will be void and you will need to apply for a new permit.

General Criteria

18.96.070 Criteria generally. No application for home occupation permit shall be approved which is not found to be consistent with the following criteria:

  1. There shall be no employment, including independent contractor arrangements, with any persons other than family members who reside on the premises.
  2. There shall be no use of materials or mechanical equipment not recognized or generally accepted as being part of normal household or hobby uses.
  3. There shall be no sale of goods or merchandise on the premises. Sales shall be by telephone or catalog order only and delivered off the premises.
  4. The use shall not generate pedestrian or vehicular traffic beyond that normal to the residential neighborhood in which it is located.
  5. Delivery of materials or merchandise used in the business and shipment of materials or merchandise from the business shall be by the United States Postal Service, or private delivery services generally recognized to make deliveries in residential neighborhoods. There shall be no deliveries or pickups by commercial vehicles.
  6. There shall be no outdoor storage of materials.
  7. No identifying signs, banners, or flags shall be used on the premises.
  8. No advertisement of the address shall be permitted.
  9. The area used for the business shall be limited to the equivalent of one room or ten percent of the residential dwelling area, whichever is greater.
  10. No building or space outside the main building or garage shall be used for home occupational purposes.
  11. No residential parking, required by Chapters 18.32 and 18.76 of this code, or required by any applicable specific plan, shall be displaced.
  12. In no way shall the appearance of the structure be so altered or the conduct of the occupation within the structure be such that the structure may be reasonably recognized as serving a nonresidential use (either by color, materials or construction, lighting, signs, sounds or noises, vibrations, accumulation or improper disposal of refuse, etc.).
  13. No hazardous process or emission of smoke, dust, noise, fumes, odors, or glare shall be permitted.
  14. There shall be no increase in the use of anyone or more utilities (water, sewer, electricity, telephone, refuse, etc.) so that the combined total use for dwelling and home occupation purposes exceeds the average for residences in the neighborhood. (Ord. 866 § 3 (part), 1995)

More Home Occupation Permit information may be found in the La Verne Municipal Code, Chapter 18.96.